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800 Jahre Zell (Mosel)

800 years of town charters

Zell (Mosel) celebrates its anniversary!

The year 2023 in Zell (Mosel) is all about the anniversary "800 years of town charters for Zell". For example, many hard-working hands have planted tulips in the shape of the number 800 in all districts, which give this occasion a beautiful setting.

The highlight of the anniversary celebrations will be the medieval spectacle on the first weekend in September around the market square in the old town. Join us in looking forward to this great event!

You can find more information about the celebrations in the press release of the town of Zell (Mosel) by clicking on the following button. You can also find out more about the medieval spectacle further down on this page.

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Programme on the festival weekend

The first weekend in September from 01 to 03 September 2023 marks the climax of the celebrations for the anniversary of "800 years of town rights". The kick-off on Friday will take place in the town hall.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Medieval Spectacle awaits you with jugglers & minstrels, music & dancing, market & groceries, handicrafts, food & drink around the "Zeller-Schwarze-Katz" fountain.

On Saturday evening, the soprano Agnes Selma Weiland, the Orchestra Association Zell and the MGV Ediger 1871 e.V. will provide plenty of entertainment at the concert evening in the town hall.

Click on the following buttons to view the flyers for the medieval spectacle and the concert evening:

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Important information

In the following info text you will find important information about the celebrations on the first weekend of September, their schedule as well as the parking situation and public transport connections during the 800-year celebration:

A preview of the medieval spectacle

Mittelalterliches Spektakel Zell Mosel - Galerie 1.
Mittelalterliches Spektakel Zell Mosel - Galerie 2.

Greeting from the mayor

Zell Mosel - Portrait-Foto von Stadtbürgermeister Hans-Peter Döpgen.

Dear guests and residents of our wonderful town,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am extremely pleased to be able to send you a warm greeting on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the town charter of our town of Zell (Mosel), which is over 2,000 years old. It is a great honor for me to be part of this historic event and to look back together with you on the long history and development of our town, which have made our town what it is today.

800 years of town charter is a milestone that not only underscores the importance and pride of our city, but also the continuous development and progress we have experienced over the centuries. From humble beginnings as a small settlement to the center of Zell Hamm's and Zell Land, we have evolved into a vibrant and diverse community.

Over the past centuries, generations of people have lived, worked and left their mark here. From the historic buildings and monuments to the stories and traditions passed down from generation to generation, our city is a living testimony to the past. Our ancestors saw Swedes, Spaniards, French, Americans and today people from all over the world. They were not always friendly people. This did not diminish the will of our previous generations to give our town a new future through diligence again and again.

A town is not only its history, it is first of all its people. It is the residents who make up the heart and soul of our town. Their passion, commitment and sense of community shape daily life and make our city a unique place.

This celebration is not only an opportunity to honor our past, but also a moment to look to the future. Our town has always faced challenges and grown from them. We have a rich cultural history, a thriving economy and a vibrant community shaped by the diversity and commitment of our residents. Many projects such as the new construction of the pedestrian bridge to a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, the development of new building area in Kaimt, the transformation of the Mosel shore to a local recreation area, new construction of social and tourist-economic buildings such as a new day care center and new sports hall as well as swimming pool in Kaimt, new hotel in Zell and many other investments in our community are only possible through community action.

We are making our contribution to the energy turnaround with the designation of areas for photovoltaics and wind turbines as well as local heating supply on the Barl and in Kaimt-Nord. Our high quality in viticulture and thus our "Zeller Schwarze Katz" has helped to give economic development a firm foothold.

It is important that we celebrate these achievements and realize that together we are the shapers of our town. Each and every one of us contributes to making our town livable and attractive. It is our responsibility to continue this tradition and to continue to make our town a place where people enjoy living, working and realizing their dreams.

The 800th Anniversary Town Charter Celebration is an opportunity to celebrate all of this and look to the future together. It is a time to express gratitude for what has been achieved and to look ahead. Because in the years and centuries to come, we will continue to work together to develop our town and make it an even better place for everyone.

I would like to thank everyone involved in organizing this celebration, especially the volunteers and those who invested their time and energy to make this event a memorable moment. It is a testament to the cohesion and commitment of our community.

I cordially invite all residents to attend the ceremony on September 1 and the "Great Concert Evening" on September 2 in the Zell Schwarze Katz Hall. "A festival for all" : Under this motto we want to celebrate together from September 1-3; revive the Middle Ages in the town center and rejoice that we can celebrate the granting of the city rights 800 years ago in peace - and I may also say - in prosperity, as none of our previous generations was allowed to experience.

Dear fellow residents, former residents of Zell and all guests from near and far, I wish you all an unforgettable celebration and look forward to tackling and shaping the next 800 years of our town together with you.

Please give us all a warm welcome!

To the future generations I wish happiness and success in peace and freedom in the further positive development of our town Zell (Mosel).



Hans-Peter Döpgen

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