Educational institutions in Zell (Mosel)

Grow up gently and learn for life

On this page you can read everything about the kindergartens and schools in Zell (Mosel). From childcare to high school graduation - the wide range of educational opportunities in our city makes it possible to grow up and learn close to home in Zell facilities. Find out about the KiTa's located here as well as the elementary and integrated comprehensive school.

Kindergartens in Zell (Mosel)

In Zell (Mosel) children have the opportunity to grow up carefree and to be well looked after. The three kindergartens in the core town of Zell and in the districts of Kaimt and Barl offer the best conditions for this.

The specialist staff guarantees holistic care in a family atmosphere and also prepares the children for everyday school life with special pre-school offers. In this context, there is a cooperation project with the elementary school in Zell (Mosel).

You can find more information about the three locations in the list below and on the website of the operator Katholische KiTa gGmbH Trier.

Katholische KiTa St. Peter, Zell

Katholische KiTa St. Peter
Christiane Schier
Schlossstraße 16
56856, Zell (Mosel)

Tel.: 06542 4672
E-Mail: st-peter-zell@kita-ggmbh-trier.de

Katholische KiTa St. Jakob, Kaimt

Katholische KiTa St. Jakob
Rebekka Heinzen
Clemensgasse 11
56856 Zell (Kaimt)

Tel.: 06542 41679
Fax: 06542 41679
E-Mail: st-jakob-zell-kaimt@kita-ggmbh-trier.de

Katholische KiTa St. Marien, Barl

Katholische KiTa St. Marien
Rebekka Heinzen
Amselweg 7
56856 Zell (Barl)

Tel.: 06542 41541
E-Mail: st-marien-zell-barl@kita-ggmbh-trier.de

Schools in Zell (Mosel)

The city of Zell (Mosel) has a wide range of schools thanks to the Boos-von-Waldeck elementary school and the integrated comprehensive school (IGS) - both located in the district of Kaimt. At the elementary school in Zell, the pupils are taught important basics in order to prepare them as best as possible for the tasks ahead at a secondary school. The IGS Zell offers pupils the opportunity to obtain their school-leaving certificate up to the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur).

Both schools have an all-day offer. You can find more detailed information in the following list and on the websites of the elementary school in Zell and the IGS Zell that are linked there.

Boos-von-Waldeck Primary School

Boos-von-Waldeck-Grundschule Zell
Specialized and all-day school
Pläntertsr. 42
56856 Zell (Kaimt)

Tel.: 06542-901537
E-Mail: verwaltung@grundschule-zell.eu

Integrated comprehensive school

Integrierte Gesamtschule Zell
Am Schulzentrum
56856 Zell (Kaimt)

Tel.: 06542 989730
Fax: 06542 989735
E-Mail info@igszell.de