Zell (Mosel) Drohnenbild. © Philipp Bohn

Electricity from and for Cochem-Zell

Green power for Zell (Mosel)

In May 2023, the starting signal was given for the "Landstrom from and for Cochem-Zell".

Landstrom is a regional green electricity product. Regional green electricity means electricity generated from renewable sources in the region, which is also consumed accordingly in the same region. Regional explicitly means that the distance of the postal code area between the renewable energy generation plant and the end consumer is a maximum of 50 km.

While with the classical current product the composition is given by the power supplier (current mix), then over the platform land-strom.de the consumer is able to arrange itself its current mix. Thus the current of the wind power, bio or photovoltaic plants, which lie directly before the entry door, can be booked directly. That is living climate protection at your fingertips!

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