"...aus dem Rathaus" - 27.10.2023

Dear fellow residents,

We have received many questions from our residents:

When will the redesign of the Mosel forecourt and the fairground finally get underway?

A long time of planning, coordination with specialized authorities, development of a new infrastructure, with many individual approvals is coming to an end. Some questions/problems had to be discussed in detail and solved first. Here, particular attention was paid to the existing flood protection of the town of Zell (Mosel), which must be guaranteed before, during and after the construction work. This will be extended in the course of the redesign of the Moselle foreland.

Likewise, the release of the overall measure had to be waited for from the point of view of subsidy law, so that the invitations to tender could only be arranged after receipt of the early start of the measure. In the meantime, the official approvals have been granted, so that we can now - finally - move from the planning phase to the implementation phase.

The support area covers an area of approx. 9.6 hectares. In this setting, the Moselle foreshore will be transformed into a recreational area. We will get a new center for an attractive as well as inviting city.

More green areas, a new fairground, with the "Otto-Finé-Platz" between the new administration building of the association municipality administration and the new hotel a new place to stay, a new Moselle beach with sandy beach, a pulpit over the Moselle, new lounge steps at the fairground as well as at the old train station, a mobile garden below the new hotel, a newly installed attractive playground for our youngest, water games on the fairground, which will invite the children to play and romp in hot weather and delight the adults with its alternating play, a boules court for all, a new modern large toilet facility, a wide walking and cycling path where users will no longer obstruct and endanger each other, new square and bank lighting and last but not least parking areas exclusively for cars. In addition to the parking areas in the Moselle forecourt, additional parking spaces will be created in the new administrative building of the municipal administration and later in the hotel that is being built, which will relieve the general parking demand.

In all planning, care has been taken to ensure that people with limited mobility can also use the facilities.

It is understandable that the issue of vehicle parking took up a lot of space in both the discussions and the planning. For example, the planned parking areas below Corray were taken out of the planning. Here, the green spaces remain revised.

Naturally, there will be no parking spaces during the construction phase. Temporary areas will be prepared for this purpose. Based on several suggestions from our citizens, the municipal committees are intensively looking for solutions.

As soon as the savings bank has moved from the current building to the new building on the Barl, the investor will start construction work on the new hotel.

The building permit for the new buildings on the Barl has now been issued. The earthworks can begin - and may have already begun at the time of publication of this ".... from the town hall".

Following the earthworks, the surface of Barlstrasse between the junction with Eichenstrasse and the traffic circle will also be renewed at the beginning of next year.

Of course, it is not possible to start the reconstruction work at all places in the Mosel foreland at the same time. Therefore, construction stages are formed. First, the work to ensure flood protection and the work in the area of the northern side of the construction area with the new children's playground. We would like to present to our population the current schedule for the works on and in the respective construction sections. Overlaps between the construction sections are due to the respective requirements. Please note that the mentioned construction start times do not mean that the excavators will start their work there immediately on that day.

The construction windows indicated include lead time for coordination, commissioning and procurement of materials. Let's hope that no floods will delay the execution and planning will have to be adjusted.

The work will take into account the legitimate interests of local residents so that it will be carried out with the least possible disruption. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to carry out such extensive work without any disruptions at all. For this we ask for understanding.

The members of the previous city council had already decided on the basic redesign of the Mosel shore. Design planning, grant and approval procedures lasted for many years. Let us be glad that now, finally, the transformation of the new area into a park can begin.

100.000 visitors in the museum of local history

In the last few days, the caretakers and guides of the Museum of Local History were able to welcome the 100,000th visitor. It was a lady, Mrs. Fuchs, from Heusenstamm near Offenbach, who spent a few days vacation in our city.

The new museum of local history, established after the reconstruction of the municipal. The new museum of local history, which was established after the reconstruction of the town hall, is very popular with our guests. Modern and clearly arranged, it is a highlight in the touristic offer of our town and it is exemplary looked after by Mr. Paul Bohlscheid and Mr. Karl Heinz Eling. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Bohlscheid and Mr. Eling for their work. Without their commitment and enthusiasm for the museum, it would not be what it is today for our city and guests.

Cinema Program Award for the Kaimt Culture Cinema

Once again this year, the Ministry for Families, Women, Culture and Integration awarded program prizes for special achievements by private cinemas in Rhineland-Palatinate.

For the third time, Kulturkino Kaimt received an award for outstanding achievements in the design of its film program. The award winners were selected by an independent jury.

Representing the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Katharina Binz, State Secretary of Culture, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hardeck, in the presence of Mayor Jürgen Hoffmann and Town Mayor Hans-Peter Döpgen, presented the award to the 1st Chairman of the Kulturkino Kaimt, Günter Scheid.

The population of the city of Zell (Mosel) as well as the moviegoers of the Kulturkino congratulate the makers on this repeated state award and wish them continued success in their incomparable commitment to culture in our city.