"...from the town hall" - 03.05.2024

Dear fellow citizens,

What's new in our town?

MoselPark Zell

The construction work in the “MoselPark Zell” area is progressing. In the northern part, the footpath and cycle path as well as the new children's playground are currently being laid out.

The Otto-Finé-Platz has been paved and a railing is being installed on the north side to prevent falls. The transplanted silver lime tree has already sprouted and enriches the square with its shapely and mighty size.

The work around the station and the parking lots up to the fairground, the viewing platform and the sheet pile wall will now also be put out to tender.

At the same time, work will continue on the Moselle side of the new fairground so that the square can be officially opened. This is to take place during a festive event on June 2. Invitations will be sent out in the coming weeks.


You may have noticed: The Streetfood Festival is missing from this year's calendar of events. This is not due to the town of Zell. Due to concerns and objections about the extensive detour of traffic via the Bullayer Bridge and the B 53, we suggested to the organizer that the event should be moved to Balduinstraße.

Despite intensive discussions, the organizer was unable to make this decision. Therefore, unfortunately, there will be no street food festival this year. Once the festival site in the “MoselPark Zell” has been completed, the event will take place there.

Support for medical students

The town of Zell has set aside 30,000 euros in its budget which doctors can apply for as a grant if they open a medical practice in Zell or expand the staff of an existing practice.

In addition, the town of Zell will supplement its guidelines for the promotion of healthcare in our town with the possibility of supporting students in their training with a scholarship. The prerequisite is that the doctor settles in Zell after completing their training. The first student would like to make use of this offer and will receive a scholarship from the town of Zell once the new guidelines have been issued.

We would like to grant further scholarships. If you are interested, please contact the town administration.

Fiber optic expansion in Zell and Kaimt

Deutsche Glasfaser is currently connecting the Kaimt district and the town center of Zell with fiber optic lines. A Greek construction company has been commissioned to carry out the work.

Unfortunately, there were considerable complaints during the installation work. The supervising construction department of the municipal administration has repeatedly objected to this and demanded improvements.

Now that the site manager and the construction team have been replaced, the damaged areas will be recorded and the routes subsequently resealed before any further empty conduits are laid. This will be followed by further expansion in the town center and in Kaimt.

Expansion of fiber optic network by Deutsche Telekom

After various households had signed a contract with Deutsche Telekom regarding connection to a fiber optic network, these contracts were terminated by Deutsche Telekom in recent weeks.

We contacted Deutsche Telekom to find out more. Telekom informed us that the plans for an expansion in Zell had been discontinued. During the conversation, I explained to my interlocutor that the town of Zell was attaching great importance to the fact that, in addition to the town center and Kaimt, the districts of Barl and Merl would also be connected to fiber optic lines as quickly as possible. My contact at Telekom assured me that this request from the town of Zell would be discussed again internally and that the town of Zell would then be informed of the outcome. It therefore remains to be seen what Deutsche Telekom's decision will be regarding its own expansion - at least in Barl and Merl.

Expansion of fiber optic network in Barl and Merl

Deutsche Glasfaser informed us by telephone today (24.04.2024) that it has been decided this week to also expand the Barl and Merl districts with fiber optic lines. The planning for this has been commissioned and is expected to be completed in late fall. Construction is expected to begin in 2025. For more detailed information, Deutsche Glasfaser will invite residents to a public information evening and also provide information in writing. Deutsche Glasfaser said: “It will definitely happen”.

With this positive news, I wish you a good start to the merry month of May.

Hans-Peter Döpgen