"...from the town hall" - 05.01.2024

Dear fellow residents,

I hope and wish that you all had a peaceful Christmas with your family or friends, have had a good start to the New Year and are now looking forward to the first highlights of the year.

New Year's reception and New Year's concert

Perhaps you were given tickets for the first Zell New Year's Concert as a Christmas present. If not, don't miss out on this special musical event. A unique singing voice will turn the first days of the year into a special experience.

Tickets are also still available at the box office. Treat yourself to the pleasure this Saturday at 7 p.m. in the "Schwarze Katz" hall in Zell.

But first, all residents are invited to the New Year's reception of the town of Zell (Mosel). We want to briefly review the past year, look ahead to what awaits us in 2024 and have lively discussions with each other.

You are invited to meet friends and companions today, Friday, January 5 at 7 p.m. with varied musical accompaniment and entertainment over a good glass of wine and to engage in informal conversation with them. Admission is free.

MoselPark Zell

Work on Otto-Finé-Platz is progressing rapidly and taking shape. The new dam beams for securing the approx. 130 m long opening of the flood protection between the new administration building of the municipality and the Corray playground have now also been delivered and are being stored at the Zell (Mosel) building yard. The foundation work for the uprights and posts will be the next task. Then it will also be possible to see on site that the conversion of the Mosel forecourt into the "MoselPark Zell" is actually being implemented.

Rock stabilization

Tenders are currently being invited for the safety work on the areas at risk of slipping below the "Zeller Schwarze Katz" sign, at the footpath access to the cemetery, at the group of rocks at the Port and in Brandenburg. The city council will award the contract for this work in February. They are estimated to be worth 2 million euros. The state is providing a grant of 1 million euros for this purpose.

Support guidelines

The town of Zell (Mosel) supports our associations in a variety of ways. One of the ways in which we provide support is by lending materials, equipment and vehicles, but also by providing personnel.

We do not wish to favor or disadvantage any club, group, etc. in this respect.

The costs arising from the support etc. have already been claimed in the past on the basis of an ongoing practice. Unfortunately, there was no binding regulation. This has recently led to differing opinions.

We have therefore set out the rules on the loan of equipment etc. and the use of municipal staff in a "Support guideline". personnel in a "support guideline". This support guideline was adopted by the Town Council at its last meeting last year. Deployment, liability, possible compensation and costs are some of the regulations included.

All borrowers, be they associations, private individuals or companies, now have clear guidelines on the conditions and costs with these support guidelines.

The comprehensive annex to the support guideline can be viewed or requested from the town administration.

Construction site "Bridge B 53"

After the Landesbetrieb Mobilität (LBM) stopped the repair work on the expansion joints of the B 53 highway bridge at short notice last spring following an initial start of work, the start of construction was finally postponed until autumn 2024 following two meetings with the LBM and affected municipalities, businesses and residents.

The town council discussed the construction project at its meeting on 18.12.2023 and all political groups spoke out in favor of submitting a petition or resolution to the LBM to present the concerns of the population, businesses and winegrowers and to urge for a compatible regulation during the work.

In the revised version of the construction site layout, several traffic lights will regulate traffic from all directions - also using video-controlled programs - depending on the traffic.

" a) Is it still possible to operate the construction site in two-way traffic at reduced speed by installing a suitable partition wall or after aligning the footpath and cycle path on the valley side? If necessary, only for vehicles up to the width of a passenger car and with the corresponding maximum permissible weight.

b) HGV traffic should always be rerouted over a large area, as was the case with the construction project to expand the B 421.

c) On the part of the political groups, we demand that the construction times be influenced and streamlined by all possible means. We are thinking here of

Carrying out the work in two shifts (around 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.),

the possibility of night work for non-noise-intensive work,

the possibility of weekend work,

always having sufficient or the highest possible number of workers, materials and equipment on site in line with the requirements of the construction site.

d) We emphatically demand that the construction site be shut down during the 2025 tourist season from Easter to the end of October and that full bidirectional traffic be permitted.

e) The planned full closure of the bridge for the application of the bitumen layer should also be postponed to a month without heavy traffic. Temporary bridging covers should be used in the interim.

f) Last but not least, planned construction measures on the L 105 Reil and L 103 near Bad Bertrich should be coordinated with the "Zell bridge" construction project, brought forward or postponed.

Such closures or restrictions would lead to further avoidance, obstruction and impairment of the commercial enterprises in Zell and Zell-Barl.

g) The extensive traffic regulation will certainly result in experiences that require subsequent regulation. We suggest that the traffic control system be set up a few days before the work begins and put into operation temporarily for testing purposes. This would allow weak points to be identified before the construction site is set up and improvements made in advance."

Ultimately, it is to be hoped that the necessary repairs to the bridge will cause as little disruption to traffic as possible.

Tea workshop

The fourth delegation of high-ranking politicians from China has now visited the town of Zell (Moselle) and learned about tourism, civil protection, the economy, viticulture and administration.

The Confucius Institute from Trier was also included in these visits.

Now, on January 17, 2023, six people from the Chinese Tea Institute are coming to the Confucius Institute in Trier. They are interrupting their trip to offer a tea tasting with a tea workshop in Zell (Mosel) on this day.

Tea lovers should not miss this unique tea workshop with tea tasting of famous Chinese teas. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 people.

Please read the detailed press release in this newsletter.

All the best for the new year

Dear fellow residents

At the beginning of the new year, I wish you all that you achieve what you set out to do in the coming twelve months; that you can always go through life with satisfaction and maintain or restore your health as best as possible.

That we are spared natural disasters and catastrophes and that the many wars and crises in the world come to an end and do not affect our lives more than is absolutely necessary.

That people in need are not forgotten and that a willingness to help is always shown and practiced.

With this in mind, I wish you all the best for 2024


Town Mayor

Hans-Peter Döpgen