"...from the town hall" - 22.03.2024

Dear fellow residents,

The town council met on Tuesday last week. Among other things, the agenda included motions from all the groups represented on the town council on the subject of road traffic.

The petitions submitted by the SPD, FWG and CDU parliamentary groups related to complaints about speeding within the town of Zell - particularly in the Barl district - as well as other misconduct by drivers.

The Council of Elders and the main committee had previously discussed the issue in detail. The participants were unanimous in their opinion that speeding on residential streets is usually caused by the residents themselves.

The speed limit has been reduced to 30 km/h in Barl I, II and III as well as in Kaimt for many years by means of traffic signs. This alone no longer seems to be enough. It is not only monitoring that is required, but also other obstructive or indicative measures.

What options are there for reducing the speed of traffic? Here are some examples:

  • Sign 274 StVO (maximum permitted speed)

  • Repeating the maximum permitted speed on the carriageway

  • Displaying the speed being driven using a display device

  • Appeals to drivers (child dummy)

  • Speed monitoring (also with stationary radar) is the responsibility of the police. Stationary traffic within the local area is the responsibility of the local authority.

  • The construction of road bends is structurally complex and expensive and may lead to contributions from residents

  • Conversion to a "traffic-calmed area", i.e. driving at walking speed (7-10 km/h). May also lead to the levying of residents' contributions

  • Road installations (e.g. paving / speed bumps etc.) Paving should be long enough. However, they and the speed bumps cause noise and increased exhaust fumes for residents.

After detailed discussions, the town council decided that the following measures should be implemented to improve the local traffic situation:

1. Barl - residential area Barl I and II:

1.1 The sign 274- Zone- (30km) will be moved from the junction with Barlstraße to the two bays of Eichenstraße before the junction with Falkenstraße. The traffic signs will be set up in the standard size and will be supplemented with the words "In the entire residential area"

1.2 "30" road markings will be applied repeatedly along the through roads.

2. Barl - Barl III residential area

2.1 "30" road markings will be applied along the continuous roads.

2.2 Unofficial "StreetBuddy" warning figures will be erected at places - such as the football pitch - where children could carelessly enter the road.

3. Barl - Keltenring

3.1 Two speed bumps will be installed between the Globus exit and the Barl III residential area to prevent undesirable passage from the Globus exit at the rear into Keltenring. There are no immediate neighbors here who could be disturbed or harmed by the noise and the higher exhaust emissions.

3.2 The sign 250 StVO - prohibition for vehicles of all kinds - with the addition "Anlieger frei" at the Globus exit will be renewed on the right-hand side and also erected on the left-hand side.

4. Kaimt

"30" road markings are being repaired or added along the continuous roads in the Kaimt district.

5. speed displays

Two additional mobile speed indicators will be procured to display the actual speed being driven.

6. General traffic management

As part of the regulations on stationary traffic in the town of Zell (Mosel), general traffic management will also be considered.

7. Brandenburg

As the responsible lower road traffic authority, the Zell (Mosel) municipal administration decides on the application for a reduced speed limit on the "Brandenburg" road.

All members of the city council groups appeal to road users to comply with the speed limits imposed. The measures mentioned will hopefully not only serve as a reminder of this obligation, but also help to ensure that it is observed.

Slope and rock stabilization

Following public tenders, the town council also awarded contracts for the safety work in the "Kapertchen" area below the Zeller Schwarze Katz sign, at the cemetery, at the Port and in Brandenburg near the petrol station.

Fortunately, the tenders resulted in significantly lower costs for the work than initially estimated. The state subsidy of 50% will also be lower in line with the actual costs.

Christmas market

In previous years, the Christmas market was held during the Advent period. Last year, some traders had registered. However, many stayed away. Partly for operational reasons, partly because they went to larger markets. It was a widely dispersed patchwork. The development shows that a general market is no longer what it used to be for the population. The internet, Amazon and other providers are now synonymous with the traditional purchase of winter goods. Unfortunately, more and more market vendors are also disappearing due to a lack of successors.

That is why we have decided to set up the winter and Christmas tent on the market square again this year from 1st Advent to 6th of January to revitalize the town centre. Here, together with the catering from the wine lounge, we want to offer our residents and guests a range of activities for Advent, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Our town marketing employee is working on the concept. More on this in due course.

We have removed the Christmas market from the range of offers and the town council has decided to amend the market regulations accordingly.


The investor of the "Marina Weingarten", John van der Voort, has now also submitted the documents for the new urban land-use planning for the "Marina" vacation complex to the municipal administration.

While the planning approval procedure for the marina is currently being carried out by SGD Nord, it is the task of the Briedel / Zell planning association to carry out the urban land-use planning for the residential area and the access road. The representatives of the respective councils have already been elected.

They will shortly decide on the necessary steps in the land-use planning procedure in accordance with the instructions of the respective councils in Zell and Briedel.

Photo: The new plan for the "Marina Weingarten" development project was presented on the steps of the new "Otto-Finé-Platz".

From left to right: Local mayor of Briedel Thomas Steinbach, planner Reihsner, 1st deputy of the town of Zell Karlheinz Weis, investor John van der Voort, mayor Jürgen Hoffmann and town mayor Hans-Peter Döpgen.

Präsentation des Planes zum Bauleitverfahren im Projekt Marina Weingarten.

Happy Easter

I wish you all, dear residents, a blessed and happy Easter today.

I would like to draw your attention once again to the Easter market and the car show organized by our car dealers this weekend.

With best wishes for a sunny Easter



Hans-Peter Döpgen