"...aus dem Rathaus" - 10.11.2023

Dear fellow residents,

A town with over 4,100 inhabitants has many issues that affect its residents. These are often areas of life that are not loudly represented, issues that affect not only limited groups, but a large number of fellow citizens.

To ensure that these issues are also given a place in the public debate, the legislator has provided for residents' meetings in the municipal code.

At the end of the year, we would like to seek a dialog on the areas that have taken a back seat during the year. What moves you? What are your concerns?

The focus of the evening should not be on the topics that have been discussed so far, but on everyday life. Thoughts such as: Do we have too many vacation homes, what are the problems here? How do you see the state of the roads? Where do you see starting points for further social development? To name just a few examples.

To ensure that one topic does not dominate the evening and crowd out other important concerns and suggestions, we want to define the scope of the topics at the start of the residents' meeting. For the aforementioned reason, there will be a limited time for each discussion. We want to change the topic after every 20 minutes.

I know that it is not possible to discuss all concerns and suggestions in depth in this time. We want to accept this - in favor of the diversity of topics. It is important to us that our residents have the opportunity to raise their concerns and suggestions - even minor ones - in an informal manner or to receive information on a specific topic.

It would be useful and appropriate if you could send us a short message in advance of the residents' meeting and state your concerns and suggestions. This can be done in writing in the letterbox, by sending a short email to info@zellmosel.de, by calling 9696-0 (in the morning) or, of course, in person at the town council.

We will be happy to make a note of the issues and try to give you a summarized response that evening.

Until then, I wish you a pleasant time


City Mayor

Hans-Peter Döpgen

Our residents are cordially invited to come to the "Zeller-Schwarze-Katz" hall on Thursday, November 23 at 7.00 pm.