"Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree,..."

Gallery - Christmas tree competition

"Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, who will design the most beautiful and creative Christmas tree?"

This motto was used to call for participation in this year's Christmas tree competition in the town of Zell (Mosel). A total of 27 Christmas trees, some of them very creatively designed, can currently be admired in Zell's old town.

Vote for your favorite now!

You can vote for your favorite until December 23rd to give the creators of your favorite tree the chance to win various non-cash prizes and vouchers. Rating cards are available in the shops in Zell, where visitors can choose their favorite. Simply write down the tree number, note the address and put it in the town administration mailbox.

You can download an overview of all participants using the following button. You will also find a picture gallery below with photos of all 27 Christmas trees. Tree number 8 on the list has withdrawn from participation.

We wish you a lot of fun exploring the Christmas trees and all participants good luck!

Baum Nr. 1 - Klasse 7B (Gruppe 1) der IGS Zell
Baum Nr. 2 - Klasse 8 der IGS Zell
Baum Nr. 3 - Metzgerei Lawen
Baum Nr. 4 - Genusswerk
Baum Nr. 5 - Dako Schokolade
Baum Nr. 6 - Brillen Müller (Maya und Tristan Müller)
Baum Nr. 7 - Stadtbücherei
Baum Nr. 9 - Klasse 7B (Gruppe 2) der IGS Zell
Baum Nr. 10 - Weingut Antoni
Baum Nr. 11 - Merler Weinfreunde
Baum Nr. 12 - Schützengesellschaft Zell
Baum Nr. 13 - Schreinerei Klaus
Baum Nr. 14 - Modegeschäft Ladylike
Baum Nr. 15 - Mein Friseur
Baum Nr. 16 - Gemeinschaft Römerstraße
Baum Nr. 17 - Vinothek Bremm - Keltenhof
Baum Nr. 18 - Wanderland Zell
Baum Nr. 19 - Zeller Büdchen
Baum Nr. 20 - Reisebüro Ritz
Baum Nr. 21 - Die Juristen
Baum Nr. 22 - Haus Till E.
Baum Nr. 23 - Scheids Bauernmarkt
Baum Nr. 24 - Klasse 6D der IGS Zell
Baum Nr. 25 - Sportshop Andres
Baum Nr. 26 - Firma Plottixx
Baum Nr. 27 - Restaurant Taj Mahal
Baum Nr. 28 - Ristorante Pizzeria Dua