"Stadtwein 2024" in Zell (Mosel)

And the winner is... the Otto Melchiors winery!

Once again this year, a winner of the “Stadtwein 2024” was chosen in the Moselle town of Zell.

It is really something special: “This wine is the wine of the town of Zell”. It is offered on official occasions of the town, at anniversaries and representations as a reputation by and for the town of Zell.

As part of the “WeinKulturNacht”, visitors were able to taste the new vintage for the “Stadtwein 2024” selection.

A total of 9 winegrowers submitted wines from the “Zeller Schwarze Katz” vineyard, vintage 2023, Riesling, semi-dry or off-dry, for tasting. As this was too many for a direct tasting as part of the “WeinKulturNacht”, the town had the wines tasted and evaluated independently by the Chamber of Agriculture's testing committee in accordance with the rules of the testing chamber.

The top four from this test were presented to the guests on the evening of the “WeinKulturNacht” for the final selection.

Siegerfoto der Stadtweinverkündung 2024.

The visitors to the “WeinKulturNacht” showed an exceptionally high level of interest in the tasting and selected their favorites with a great deal of knowledge and commitment.

So who won the competition and will be the “City Wine 2024”?

Last Thursday, 09.05.2024, the winners were announced at the wine lounge on the market square. The winner and thus the producer and supplier of the new “Stadtwein 2024” is wine no. 3 from the Otto Melchiors winery.

All winners at a glance:

  • 1st Place: Wine No. 3, Winery Otto Melchior

  • 2nd Place: Wine No. 2, Winery Stephan Fischer

  • 3rd Place: Wine No. 1, Winery BREMM - Keltenhof, Lothar & Marco Bremm

  • 4th Place: Wine No. 4, Winery F. J. Weis

Congratulations to the winners and, on behalf of the town of Zell (Mosel), a big “thank you” to the participating wineries for taking part. All of the participating wines were suitable and of such outstanding quality that they could have become “Stadtwein 2024”. This is shown by the evaluation of the almost 300 ratings and their close results. But there can only be one winner!

Gruppenfoto der Stadtweinverkündung 2024.