to the winning trees of the Christmas tree competition!

You chose the most beautiful trees of the competition

We are still thrilled with the great response to the Christmas tree competition organized by the town of Zell (Mosel) last Christmas. 27 groups took part and designed great, creative trees. Over the last few weeks, we have also presented them to you here on our website.

494 people took part and voted for their favorite.

The top places are:

5: Gemeinschaft Römerstraße

4: Schützengesellschaft Zell

3: Mein Friseur- Christoph Link

2: Sportshop Andres

1: Merler Weinfreunde

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all the creative teams. All the trees were great! You can find the pictures of the winning trees again below this article.

Baum Nr. 11 - Merler Weinfreunde
Baum Nr. 25 - Sportshop Andres
Baum Nr. 15 - Mein Friseur
Baum Nr. 12 - Schützengesellschaft Zell
Baum Nr. 16 - Gemeinschaft Römerstraße